In which Jimmy Fallon nails it. 

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Big Gigantic at 9:30 club on 02.21

I may be too short to see, but I am front stage right!

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I loved you when I believed in truth:
precocious nineteen with moonlight in my eyes
I built castles with my words,
and waited for you rescue me from them.

On the late nights, I’d trace
your face behind my eyes, outlining
the scar down your stomach
as your figure swelled in my dreams—
you were always lying outstretched on your makeshift bed,
socks still on.

I loved you when I believed in beauty:
determined to be your muse,I drank whiskey
and sang your favorite songs to the hot Virginia summer,
mastered mimicking your flaws
so you wouldn’t see mine.

When we were together, I stole your smokes
because they tasted like thin mints and filled
my hands with something to hold aswe sat
separate in your garage.

When we were together, it was always the bedroom
or the bar, but we had conversations like mad
bohemians, always breathing violently into the night,
stories tumbling from our lips in gusts.

I loved you when I believed in trust:
there was ambiguity in the space between states
so we held hands through a drunk fog,
lived in the telephone lines.

You called me Hope,
so I thought that meant something.

I shouldn’t have been surprised when it didn’t.

— Poem thing (c) Olivia Snider 2014

17 Most Vicious Puppy Attacks Ever

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go look up the lynching of 18 year old Kody Ingham, found hanging from a tree in front of his white girlfriends house on July 15, 2013 (the same night as the Zimmerman verdict) in Athens, Texas. it was chalked up as a suicide and no investigation ensued, even though two hours prior he called his mother to pick him up from the site he died at. no newspaper article, just a four sentence obituary in the local papers and his family has been trying hard to make any mainstream news channel blow up the story to find the killers.

look up Frederick Jermaine Carter, 26 year old found hanging from a tree in Greenwood, Mississippi on December 3, 2011. ruled a suicide, saying while he was helping his stepfather paint a home, he wandered off, found a tree and proceeded to hang himself. the site of the lynching is ten minutes away from where Emmit Till was killed in 1955. no media coverage, family is trying desperately to get the medias’ attention through YouTube videos.

look up Roy Veal, 55 year old found hanging in Woodville, Mississippi in 2004. he originally lived in Seattle and went to his mother’s home in Woodville to help her fight for the rights to their family land against a white man, oil was found to be underneath the land. his head was covered with a pillow case and burned papers of the documented proof he had to prove his mothers’ ownership were found burned at his feet. ruled a suicide, family trying to get attention through YouTube.

look up Reynard Johnson, 17 year old found hanging from a tree on his front lawn on June 16, 2000 in Kokomo, Mississippi. ruled a suicide even though the belt around his neck was not his. authorities said since no hate group left a message by the body, there was nothing to investigate. his family members said the motive was his relationship with a white girl, he was constantly being harassed because of this. the family managed to get Jesse Jackson to talk on their behalf, but Jesse (just like Sharpton) only have imaginary powers, they are puppets of white supremacy who are only seen nationally when called upon by the white establishment, he wasn’t even able to get the murder national attention.

now this Kendrick Johnson incident in Valdosta, Georgia. look up how there are four surveillance cameras that can show him in the gym but all footage is being withheld by authorities. also there was blood found splattered on the wall of the gym that did not belong to Johnson, showing me he was able to wound one of the perpetrators.

Black people have fallen asleep in this politically correct post-Civil Rights society. Nothing has changed for you negroes, the only thing that is outlawed now is overt expressions of racism and hatred, that’s it. whereas 40 years ago, these white criminals would have come out and admitted they killed him and probably would have posed for a picture too alongside the dead body, now they have to be diplomatic about not hurting feelings. So for example when Bill O’ Reilly refers to young black men in the inner city who he really wants to call Niggers, he says instead “these kids”. don’t let the way words are put together fool you dumb mothafuckers, the hate is still burning.

In 1865, just after Emancipation, African Americans owned 0.5 percent of the total wealth of the United States. But today, a full 148 years after the abolition of slavery, Black Americans still possess only a meager 1 percent of national wealth. so why yall mod’fuckas sleeping and thinking it’s over, the only ”progress” made by blacks is the right to play sports alongside whites, eat next to them, and be their neighbor. there is not ONE black empire in this country that can transfer wealth, black businesses are branches of larger white corporations. don’t let that ”we got a black president” shit fool you

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by Aurelien Police

Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion. —Simon Sinek (via fuckinq)

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A healthy relationship is one where two independent people just make a deal that they will help make the other person the best version of themselves. —

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This, this, and this. 1000% times over.


Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray


Corinne Watson spins up a beautiful chest roll with her hoop while balancing on a slackline. She’s from Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. Photo by Mark Busby.

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Girl of many talents right there.


when guys are like “Hillary Clinton cant run for president her period will mess things up” first of all what a ridiculous statement second of all SHE IS 66 YEARS OLD DO YOU HAVE ANY KNOWLEDGE OF THE FEMALE ANATOMY YOU BUFOON

Real talk.